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Does Really Save You Money?

I actually have an uncle who won the lottery.  It was about twenty years ago.  He was on his way home from work, stopped off at a gas station for a Snickers bar and, on a whim decided to buy one single lottery ticket.

He won almost six million bucks.

Prior to that, he was legendary in my family as the guy who could get the best deals.  Any time anyone in the family was buying anything big, they would ask him to come with.  A new TV, a new air-conditioning unit, a new car, whatever it was.  The guy just had a way with salespeople.  In fact, he used to joke that he could probably quit his job and support himself solely by charging his family members for chaperoning their purchases.  After he won the lottery, he DID quit his job.  But he never stopped looking for the best deals.  With all the free time he had, he actually got better deals.  What I eventually realized was, he liked getting good deals more than he actually liked the things he was getting the deal on.  He loved driving all over town, talking to various sales people, sizing them up, pitting them against each other, etc.  He just loved the game – and post retirement, he had more time to play it.  To each his own.

For the rest of us, however, there is Greentoe.  I love getting good deals and saving money like the rest of you…but I really don’t like doing the work.  Who does?  It’s like travel.  I love the trip, hate the traveling.  But you can’t have one without the other.  Or can you?

There are so many benefits for a retailer using that, once they get started, they’re going to wonder how they lived without it.   my uncle did.   Look at your purchasing options.  Right now, if you want to buy something, the easiest way is to go to some online website and order it.  But that wouldn’t be the cheapest.  The cheapest way would be to find some local retailer who was selling your item and either wait for a sale…or do what my uncle did.  He was a master at sniffing out when the retailer needed to move inventory and was ready to make a deal on-the-spot.

Greentoe automates that process.  With Greentoe, you search for the item you are looking for, then put in an offer.  Somewhere, someplace there is a retailer who has that product and is willing to part with it for less than they normally would take.  Sometimes a LOT less.  You just never know what the circumstances are.  The whole point of the Greentoe system is to pair sellers with products to move with buyers who are looking for a discount, but are willing to wait a little bit for their product.  And that’s what makes Greentoe such a money saver.  Sure, if you want the product right now, immediately…you’re going to pay a little more.  But if you’re willing to wait, sometimes it could a few days, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few minutes, you can save a bundle of money.


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