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Extended Warranties: Why You Should Buy an Extended Warranty for your TV

Extended TV warranties are sold by third-party vendors and provide additional coverage for your expensive electronic purchases. As a consumer, typically, you have the option to purchase an extended warranty plan in conjunction with your TV purchase. If you’ve already bought your new television set and are in need of a warranty post-purchase, you can look at your options for coverage here.

A new TV can carry a high sticker price on its own, so you may be asking why you should add an extended warranty for your TV. Before you forgo important warranty coverage options for your home entertainment system and television, check out our top four reasons you should purchase an extended warranty that covers for damages beyond the initial manufacturer’s warranty.

Coverage Beyond the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Extended warranties are separate from the manufacturer’s warranty that comes automatically with a new TV set purchase, and typically provide a longer protection window as well as more coverage benefits and features. Read the details of your manufacturer’s warranty on your television, such as how long the plan lasts (typically 90 days) when deciding to purchase an extended warranty plan. Extended warranties can be purchased between 30, 60, or 90 days after your television purchase, and their coverage starts on the date of warranty purchase.

Full Replacement Coverage for TVs

The all-inclusive TV warranties can cover all glitches and imperfections, much the same as the manufacturer. You can purchase a protection plan to cover customer-related mishaps. This incorporates inadvertent screen damage, water damage, and harm caused by power surges. They can likewise take care of the expense of delivery and replacement of your damaged TV with a replacement model.

Greentoe Pro Tip: Always read the details of extended warranty plans for coverage limitations, deductible amounts, and out of pocket expenses when shopping for a new extended warranty plan.

In-Home Repair Service Convenience

Depending on the cost of the TV set, your warranty may provide in-home repairs instead of shipping your television off for repairs. Shipping a television set can be a burdensome process, and shipping delays can make getting your TV set back an unnecessary hassle. With the right protection plan for your TV, you gain access to professional repair services, and preventative maintenance is taken care of on-site instead of driving to a repair center or shipping your television to a repair company.

Transferrable Coverage

Do you plan on upgrading your TV when new technology hits the market? The good news is when you buy an extended warranty plan, you can include the plan in the sale of your television and transfer the plan to the new owners in most cases. Look at the details of your extended warranty contract, there is sometimes a small processing fee of $25 for warranty transfer to the new owners, but this can be a driving factor that makes purchasing your used TV set a better deal than one without the option of an extended warranty.

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