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Have you heard of  Well, you soon will.  Why?  Because, it is one of the coolest new e-commerce sites to hit the scene in a long time.  You may ask, “What is so cool about e-commerce?”  After all, it is 2012 and there are billions of e-commerce sites out there.  The reason that it’s awesome is because it is the only site of it’s kind where you (the consumer) pick the price you want to pay for the products you want to buy.  All the other 4.8 billion sites dictate the price of products.  They tell you what is on sale and when.  Well, with, it is actually the opposite.  You pick the product you want to buy and then you name the price you want to pay for the product.

Currently,’s focus is consumer electronics including cameras, televisions, appliances, and computers.  Just in time for Holiday shopping.  Talk about great timing!  The search feature on is great.  You just type in the product you want.  Then, it returns results with product shots, product reviews, and it even scans the web for the lowest price.  But, that’s not all it does.  It gives you an idea of what you should offer as a “What we think” price.  Where else can you name your price for a product and have free guidance to go along with it?

Between Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and others, there are literally thousands of cameras to choose from.  With, you can sort by brand, resolution, LCD screen size, price, and whether the lens is included.

If you are putting together a home entertainment system, you can choose from brands like Bose, Coby, Denon, Harmon Kardon, and LG Electronics.  So, pick your favorite brand, pick the price you want to pay, and there you have it, an epic and booming sound system.

School is back in session.  The time is right for getting a deal on laptops from brands such as Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Panasonic, and Samsung. incorporates expert and user reviews all right at your fingertips.  Being able to name the price you want to pay is the main function of  But, the one-stop shop for reviews surely saves time.  Don’t forget the old saying – “Time is money”.

The holidays are around the corner and who has time to drive around town looking for the best price?  No one.  With traffic and gas prices at almost $5/gallon, you will save money, time, and feel comfortable that you were able to get the best deal possible.  The best part is you can track your offers in the “My Offers” section.  So, you can do your holiday shopping for all your friends and family.

With a huge selection, a very easy to use navigation, slick product shots, reviews, and price information, is around to stay.  So, whether you are buying a , a Samsung , an LG Dryer, an HP Laptop, or maybe even Beats by Dre headphones, is the place to go.


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