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There is a new concept making waves in the e-commerce world. A site called launched and now consumers finally have the ability to name their price on products. For thousands of years, mankind has been haggling/negotiating. did this with travel services. However, no one, until now has provided this service for consumer products. At, consumers can name their price on electronics, photography equipment, baby products, appliances, and music equipment. Before, consumers will spend endless hours scouring the web trying to find a better price only to realize that most sites are selling the same product for the same price. But, now that you “haggle” directly with a vast network of certified retailers, the power is going back to the consumer. It is a very simple process: you goto the site, find the product you want via search or drop-down menus with filters, you choose your price, you enter your credit card and the first retailer to meet your offer makes the sale. It is that simple.

Greentoe has seen tremendous traction and interest both from shoppers and retailers. Shoppers save time and money, retailers increase sales and find new customers. They both like the concept because retailers need compete with Amazon on price. But, until now, didn’t have a way to accept a lower price than what is on their website. Consumers, can save time by not having to drive around from store to store dealing with salespeople and they save money because they can offer below retail and actually get the deal they wanted without the hassle.

The founders of Greentoe (Joe Marrapodi and Andrew Kurland) have a vision where this new concept will revolutionize the way people shop for everything. They are expanding the product categories to computers and video games in the next few weeks.

You can learn more at or watch this 1-min video at








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