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Top Tips in Choosing the Best Deal on Digital Camcorders


When planning to shop for a digital camcorder, the first thing that comes to mind would be the price. There is no doubt that today’s market offer competitive pricing for great savings, but it cannot be helped that these electronic devices can still put a dent on your coffers when not researched carefully. Finding a camcorder can be easily done with online channels like, but often, precisely knowing what features or specifications you need would help you handpick the one that deliver more satisfaction to your spending. It is important, therefore, to learn more about format, lighting, size, and ease of use before you add one to cart.


Selecting the Right Format to Suit Your Needs


Before you click “purchase” or ask an auctioneer to “Name your price,” it is important to assess what format you need. A camcorder format holds a pivotal aspect in terms of storage, cost and viewing methods. There are four major formats available nowadays – DVD, miniDV tape, Blu-ray, flash card and digital hard drive. Before you simply pick which one is the latest, try to compare by checking on pros and cons. Hard-drives, for instance, promise great savings and flexibility but can be susceptible to crashing. MiniDV usually offers excellent quality at least costly price but not the tapes though. Of course, non-computer savvy individuals prefer DVD but keep in mind that this option is often costly yet offer low quality output. Blu-ray DVD, however, solved this low quality feature but is bulkier and more expensive. Flash drives are the most popular today. Though handy and efficient in terms of battery life, moving from camcorder to a computer can be tiresome.  Choose carefully which one would suit your need and budget.


How About the Best Deal on Specs and Features


You should not make sacrifices on excellent features for great savings. It is important to have at least six important features in your choice namely, ease of use, a good viewfinder, image stabilizer, external ports, manual controls and optical zoom. Lighting and size must also be considered, too.


Ease of Use

Your first concern, when buying a digital camcorder, is its ease of use. Unless you are a tech-pro, choose one which has simple, clear-cut, user-friendly controls for a less stressful usage. The less time you spend on reading the manual, the more convenient to use your device.


Size Of LCD and Viewfinder

A viewfinder, on the other hand, is another handy feature to take note. LCD viewing is a common trend nowadays, but this can easily chomp out your battery life and can be hard to check when filming in bright sunlight. To enjoy best recording, choose a model that has both LCD and standard viewfinder.


Image Stabilizer

Shaky hands? Choose a model with efficient image stabilizers. Take note that not all models are created equal. Some models have better optical image stabilization than others. Take note of tech reviews when comparing.


External Ports: 

Aside from external microphone jack for surround sound clarity, USB ports, headphone jacks, FireWire connections must also be in place. These ports will make it easier for you to record, store and transfer video files.


Optical Zoom:

A camcorder with optical zoom feature delivers the best deal and more quality results. Digital zoom may provide great savings, but it can distort pictures and camera movements.


Manual Controls:

White balance, shutter speed, focus and exposure, should have override features. This will give you more flexibility and control.



Take note that; the lower the “lux” the better the results are. Find the best deal on camcorders that have built-in bright external light, preferably, one with a metal plate or shoe.


Size Does Matter

The smaller the better is not a catchall option. Always try one for comfort and feel before buying.

HD or Standard – Take Your Pick

Name your price and take your pick! Before you decide, check your computer and television hardware. If these are latest versions, choose HD. If you have older ones, a standard one will do.


Finding the Best Deal on GreenToe

When thinking of finding the best deal on camcorders, you might want to take a good look at the wide-ranging selection on GreenToe. Offering its unique way of online shopping, you simply name your price or make an offer, and it will find the best retailer in the market to meet your needs. The first one to meet your requirement snags the deal. Rest assured that tax and shipping are included to your proposed price.


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