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Understanding the World of Subwoofers

In today’s times, subwoofers have become an essential component of a home theatre set-up. When you are in the movie theatre, you do not only feel fascinated by the images that appear on screen, but the deep bass that you feel all around you. This marvelous experience is possible with the help of a specialized speaker, called a subwoofer. This device is designed in a manner so as to produce those audible frequencies that fall in the lowest range.

With the increasing popularity of sound systems that accompany a home theatre system, the need for having a subwoofer becomes all the more important. This is the reason most of the companies nowadays are coming up with great savings and name your price schemes.

Types of Subwoofers

Passive subwoofers need to be connected to an external amplifier, just like the other speakers. Here, it is essential to understand that in order to reproduce low frequency sounds; the extreme bass requires a good amount of power. As a result, the amplifier or receiver must be capable of producing enough power output so as to sustain the subwoofer’s bass effects.

To do away with the issue of inadequate power, there are self-powered subwoofers that are “self contained” so that the characteristics of a subwoofer and amplifier are optimally matched. Hence, all you require is a line output, and the power load can be taken away from the amplifier.

Ultimately, which subwoofer you choose will depend upon your personal requirements and what you consider as the best deal.


Characteristics of Subwoofers

Subwoofers have quite a few variations as far as their overall designing is concerned. Subwoofers that are front-firing have a speaker mounted in such a way so that the sound radiates from the front or sides of the enclosure. As against this, subwoofers that are down-firing have their speakers in the downward facing direction so that the sound radiates towards the floor. Additionally some subwoofers have an extra port that increases the bass response by forcing out more air. These are more efficient than the sealed subwoofers.

The best deal subwoofer will have a crossover frequency of around 100Hz. Hence, there is no longer a need to use 12” or 15” subwoofers. The new age subwoofers are small, compact and provide great savings in terms of their pricing.

A good subwoofer produces deep bass frequencies that are non-directional so that it becomes impossible for the ears to point out the actual direction of the emanating sound. This is the reason you can sense an earthquake all around you, instead of coming from one particular direction.

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