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Why Should I Use

If you’re asking yourself why you should use, you’ve come to the right place.  And the answer is easy: you’ll save money – much more than you would save using other online retailers.  And here’s why…Those other guys work by maintaining a large inventory of items, which they then offer for sale at a specific price.  You either agree to that price…or not.  If not, later alligator.  But that’s not how Greentoe works.  We don’t keep an inventory and we don’t set prices.  What we do is put you in touch with brick & mortar retailers who, for a variety of reasons, have items for sale that they are willing to part with at a substantial discount.  Maybe they need the shelf space, maybe they have an updated model coming in, maybe they’re trying to unload inventory before tax time…who knows?  And who cares!  Gift horses – and great deals – should not be looked in the mouth.

Which brings me to another reason why you should use Greentoe – by shopping with us, you are supporting local merchants.  We don’t have some giant warehouse somewhere in the middle of nowhere, operated by robots whizzing around all day, dutifully slaving away to supply all your consumer needs.  We’ve all seen The Terminator.  Eventually these robots are going to become self-aware and take over the entire planet.  The last thing we want to do is to support businesses that employ robots – they’re faster, stronger, and they don’t take coffee breaks.  The good news is, with Greentoe, though you are initiating the sale on our website, you are actually buying directly from a local retailer, supporting actual flesh-and-blood people.  You like people, don’t you?

Okay, fine, maybe you don’t like people.  But I betcha you like saving time.  At Greentoe, you’ll save that, too.  Before we existed, the only way to get the kind of deals we are providing is to drive around from store to store, hoping to be lucky enough to hit the timing-jackpot and find a salesperson ready to part with your item at a discount.  It happens all the time.  Given the right set of circumstances, most retailers will eventually take a lot less on an item than they usually can get.  The problem is, you never know where and you never know when these deals will pop up.  So you can either wait patiently, checking in every now and then to see if the store is ready to lower their price that camera you have your eye on…or you can just log in to, make an offer, and wait for someone to take it.  Greentoe is not only quicker, you’ll save gas, too.  Now who doesn’t like saving gas?

So let’s add it all up.  By doing your shopping at, you save time and money.  You also support local merchants.  And you might very well prevent the total annihilation of the human race by self-aware, murdering robots.  And, on top of that, you save gas.  The only question left is…why are you still reading this blog?  You have some shopping to do.


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