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samsung_un55hu8700fxza_un55hu8700_55_4k_smart_1061259If you want a high quality TV, you need to choose the best brands and look for the latest features. I had been wanting to purchase a smart TV for some time, but was not sure which model would be best. Samsung is known for being one of the best brands, which is why I decided to purchase the JU7100 Series 65” Class 4K Smart LED TV. I was looking for wireless connectivity and high image quality. This TV offered just what I was looking for and much more.

Resolution Quality

When you are searching for a smart TV, nothing matters more than resolution and image quality. The Samsung JU7100 was made with image quality in mind. It offers high definition with 4K resolution that is 3840×2160 pixels. It is so enhanced, that you even have the ability to take images that are lower quality resolution and scale them to 4k. This is something that not many other LED televisions on the market offer. It is unique in the way that you can lower the distortion of images that are moving fast. This is ideal for individuals that love watching sporting events live on television. I found that the image quality was great when watching many of my favorite sports. You could see all the small details without any noticeable distortion at all.

Wi-Fi Access

One of the main reasons that people are looking for smart televisions is to have internet access on a larger screen. This is a smart TV with built-in wi-fi connectivity that is reliable and gives you direct access to Samsung’s app-based Smart Hub. This allows you to use many of your favorite apps with ease. From YouTube to Netflix, you can watch all types of videos and use apps of all types on this LED TV. The Samsung JU7100 is designed for people looking to use the internet from their television that have ease of use in mind. You can even play games with this TV and it offers built-in S recommendation. The best part about using the built-in internet, was that I was able to find new content that I enjoyed based on my preferences.

An added feature with the Samsung JU7100 is that you can stream content from your LED TV and to other mobile devices with ease. You can go back and forth without any interruption.


Many LED televisions offer one USB port, but the Samsung JU7100 offers three USB ports and four HDMI. This means that you have multiple ports to choose from for all of your many audio and video sources. A component video input is also built-in, which gives you access to even more sources.

Final Verdict

The smart TV market is overloaded with options, but the Samsung JU7100 stands on its own. It has all of the latest features with a 65” screen and high resolution. The LED edge backlight offers great contrast and black levels. It is a smart TV that is known for being one of the best options on the market at an affordable price.

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Samsung_4K_SUHD_JS9000_Series_Curved_Smart_TV-65_Class_1_03Technology is changing the way that you do many things, but it is dramatically improving the way that you can watch television. The days of low quality images on your big screen can be a thing of the past. I have been looking for a smart TV for a few years, but none have been the exact specifications that I’ve been searching for. When I first purchased the Samsung JS9000 Series 65” Class 4k SUHD Smart 3D Curved LED TV I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I quickly became enthralled with this smart TV.

Not only is it from one of the best brands, but it also offers affordability that other options can’t match. It is the perfect blend of the latest features with functionality that most TV users are looking for. This Samsung smart TV is designed to be easy to use, but also offer high image quality that customers are looking for.


This smart TV offers an ATSC video system and is 3D. 3D is a huge capability for smart TV’s and is one of the features that sold me on this model. It offers 60W power and stereo quality sound with a built-in subwoofer. It has built-in WiFi and a built-in Octa-Core Processor. It even comes with a pair of 3D glassed.

Easy Internet 

Having the ability to search online using your TV, is a huge benefit. I wasn’t sure how easy this model would be to use online, but was pleasantly surprised with the easy interface. The Samsung JS9000 is very easy to use online. It has a built-in internet browser that allows you to search and use some of the most popular apps through your smart TV. It simply makes things easier for you. I was able to search Facebook and watch all of my favorite YouTube clips with ease. This is what most customers are looking for in a Smart TV, and this version is designed to make browsing online simpler and faster than ever. The built-in Octa-Core processor is the highest quality available.

Image Quality

Beyond being easy to use, the Samsung JS9000 features optimal image quality. It is 3D and comes with a pair of 3D glasses that allows you to watch your favorite movies, shows and online clips in the #D. The image quality is designed to be superior.

Motion Control

This smart TV also features clear motion control rate that is 240. This allows you to use built-in motion control features with ease. You can choose your favorite apps and play games by just moving your hand. This makes everything so much simpler. I found that the motion control was easy to use and accurate.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a smart TV that is high quality, but also affordable, the Samsung JS9000 is the perfect option. It is a 3D smart LED TV with all of the latest features that you are looking for.

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