Greentoe Blog Guest Photographer Post by “Beth Yorn”

Here is our first “Guest Photographer Post” by BETH YORN.


I have fallen in and out of love with all sorts of point and shoot cameras over the years. My first favorite was the Panasonic Lumix LX3. An affordable camera that was rumored to pack the same punch as its expensive Leica counterpart. How was this possible? Panasonic body, Leica lens. I loved this camera and when I go back and review the photos I took with it over the years I am still wowed by the crispness, color and the quality of the photos. But technology gets better and every year another company is tempting me with the newest flashiest camera. My problem with the LX3 was always the zoom, or lack of. I could never quite reach that image in the distance. So onto the Canon G10. Wow, what an awesome camera. I have taken amazing photos of the moon with this camera. Yes, THE MOON! One shot was in Hawaii. They had a stargazing station set up with a big telescope on the beach. I wondered, could my G10 actually shoot through a telescope? Low and behold, it sure could. This camera was with me for a long time, until I dropped it down the side of a mountain. I brushed the dirt off and tried to ignore the scratches on the LCD screen but it never was the same. I was excited to upgrade to the G11 but to be honest I hated the flip screen in the back. The G10 was a solid piece of equipment and as Canon continues to promise more upgrades and higher mega pixels with flashy new features I just get more and more frustrated. The quality of the camera just suffers. At the end of the day I just want my old G10 back. So now what? Im at a crossroads. It is an exciting time…. which point and shoot can I be tempted by next? And in a year will it end up in the same basket with all my old point and shoots? Right next to my underwater camera, the one that I bought for vacation in Thailand. A waste? Never. That running man photo with the fish will forever make me smile.
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