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How Does Work?

At, our goal has always been to revolutionize the shopping experience by putting consumers in charge of pricing. It’s an entirely new concept. So, if you have questions, it’s to be expected. We’d like to use this space to explain exactly how it works.

Here goes…

The most important thing to know about Greentoe is that as a user, you can name your price for the products you want to buy. Using our system, you can search or browse thousands of products. We have expert and user reviews to help inform your decision. Or, if you know of the exact product you want, forgo search and go straight to the fun part – placing an offer. When you make your offer, there’s no need to search the web endlessly price comparing or sleuthing for the lowest possible price. In an effort to help you zero in on a price, we provide you with the lowest average price online. You can use that information to determine what your final offer will be. Obviously our retailers can’t give their goods away so when you type in an offer, we’ll help you gauge how likely it is to be accepted. We’ll also account for shipping and sales tax as the price you submit will account for both. Armed with this knowledge, you submit the final price you want to pay. You review your final offer for accuracy, set a time limit or expiration date for your offer and submit your credit card, which is only billed once your offer is accepted.

What next?

After you submit your price, our network of certified retailers is notified that there’s an offer available. The first retailer to accept your offer, makes the sale.  They’ll reach out to you with a receipt and shipping information. All of our retailers undergo a rigorous screening process and agree to the same 14-day return policy. So, there’s no guesswork when it comes to a retailer’s individual policy – their policy is actually a universal Greentoe policy.

Each Greentoe member has access to their detailed account information at any time. Just login to click on “my account” and voila! In this section, you can monitor your offer status and check on recent orders.

A question we’re asked often is how does this work? Essentially, people want to know “what’s the catch?” Well, retailers have overhead. They have to pay for a store, employees, cash registers, toilet paper – the list goes on and on. And, if they want to reach customers outside of the town they’re located in, they need to sell products online. That expands their expense list to a website designer, someone to oversee the website inventory, hosting costs…basically a bunch of tech related costs that could give anyone a headache.

Greentoe manages these costs for them and the savings gets passed on to you. Small retailers get to compete against the big dogs and move inventory while you get to save money and support local small to medium business owners. Does that sound cool or what? We think so too.

Try it and please share your comments with us! We love to hear from you.


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