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All You Should Know About Sound Bars

A Sound bar, sometimes called a Surround Bar, is a special single-speaker enclosure that is designed like a speaker and creates a stereophonic sound effect. Generally, a sound bar is meant to be used with flat panel Plasma TVs and LCDs. It can easily and conveniently be mounted on a table or shelf, and some units also come with a wall mounting hardware.

Sound bar Configurations

Sound bars have two different configurations, namely, self-powered and non-powered. Although the final listening result is similar, the two differ in the manner in which they integrate into your home entertainment set-up.

Sound bars that are self-powered or self-amplified can be used independently as an audio system. This brings you convenience as well as great savings as the need for an added external connection is eliminated. You can simply use the sound bar by connecting it to your TV’s audio outputs. Most of the self-amplified sound bars com with provisions to connect a couple of more devices, such as, a DVD disc player.

As against this, passive or non-powered sound bars do not have their own amplifiers, and produce sound only after being connected to a home theatre receiver. Although these do not fall in the category of “self contained” sound bars, these are still desirable on account of less speaker clutter and space saving. Plus, there is some Name your price offers which will allow you to buy passive sound bars at jaw-dropping prices.


Do Sound Bars essentially have surround sound?

Depending on their design, sound bars may or may not be accompanied by surround sound properties. Both self-powered and non-powered sound bars may produce a virtual surround sound effect, but it cannot be compared to that created by a dedicated home theatre system, with multiple speakers. However, owing to its low cost and space saving properties, many consumers still consider it as the best deal.


Choosing the Best Sound Bar

Although things like Name Your Price option or a great savings deal might lure you to a great extent, it is still wise to take a close look at your requirements before purchasing a particular sound bar. In case you wish to amplify the sound of your TV, without cluttering the adjoining space with a complete home theatre system having multiple speakers, self-amplified sound bars are your best deal.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to reducing the number of speakers that are connected to your home theatre system, then you must go for a non-powered sound bar, such as, a 3-in-1 speaker system. brings you some of the best deals as far as purchasing of sound bars is concerned. So, log in and enjoy great savings!

Most of the people today are on a lookout for sound bars that are simple to use and relatively inexpensive so that they can enjoy great savings.


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