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What Makes Different?

“Are you different?” What makes someone or something unique? I suppose at this point you might be wondering, “How exactly is different from all the other online retailers?”  It’s a natural question to ask – after all, look what they all have in common: they’re all websites, they all list thousands of items for sale, there are reviews, you pick which item you want…and voila!  A few days later it arrives at your house in a nice, recyclable cardboard box.  All you have to do is agree to pay the listed sale price, a little shipping, and you’re golden.

That’s the way the online retail world works these days.  Sadly, it’s a far cry from the good old days where you could walk into a store and negotiate a better price according to the timeless economic principle of supply and demand.  As everyone knows, when supply is high and demand is low, you’re going to get a good deal.  I’m talking anywhere from 20%, 30%…even 50% percent off.  If a storeowner had an item he needed to unload, something is better is than nothing, after all.  Great deals are happening all the time, all around the country.  You just have to do the legwork – and have a little bit of luck to find those deals.

And that is what makes different from all the others.  You don’t have to be at all lucky – or do any legwork. has come up with a way to pair up sellers with products that need to go with buyers who are looking to find a great deal.

Whereas the other online retailers charge a set price, at, YOU name the price you want to pay for the product you want to buy.  Then Greentoe’s system automatically notifies our vast network of brick & mortar retailers to see if anyone who has your item is willing to part with it for the price you listed.  Sure, those retailers want to make as much profit as they can but, at the same time, sometimes it’s more important for them to clear up a little space on the shelf.  So you never really know how low an offer you can make until you try. has taken the best of both worlds.  It pairs the convenience of online shopping with the price flexibility of in-person negotiation.  The best part is, in Greentoe’s system, everyone wins.  You get the best deal you can and the online retailer gets to unload merchandise that he’s at risk of taking a loss on.  Plus you get to do this all from the comfort of your own home.  No driving all over the city, spending time you don’t have, and paying for gas you’d rather not.  No uncomfortable in-store negotiations.  No more wasted time.  Just log on to, find the item you are interested in from our huge catalog, and make an offer.  It costs absolutely nothing to try.  You have nothing to lose, only time and money to save.  Check out today.


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